Our History

ESAICA (Especialistas Agrícolas Integrados C.A.) is a Venezuela based company established in the early 1980's by a group of agronomists, researchers and field agents with a focus on the production, marketing and export of agricultural goods of the highest quality, specializing on fine cocoa and its derivatives.

Our vision is to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture. Our team has been actively working to change the old chemichal based paradigms of agriculture for a more organic, chemichal free agriculture.

We at ESAICA firmly believe that accopanying the famers throughout all the production process is fundamental to achieve the best quality in our products. Over the last three years ESAICA has given farmers constant capacitation on new a better ways to manage crops organically, as a result we have seen a dramatic increment of the quality of our cocoa.

In 2003 ESAICA is reborn keeping our founding principles of environmental preservation and supporting producers, focusing even more on being the final link that would connect the product to the international market and rescue the reliability and credibility in Venezuelan products, ensuring quality, excellence and full compliance of all required regulations.

Our current directors are the children and relatives of the founding members. They are committed to keep the traditions and consolidating the company in this new era. To achive this we have forged strategic alliances with the public and private sectors in order to enhance cocoa production by giving farmers all the necessary training and the opportunities to improve their plantations.

As raised in our Mission and Vision, our goal is to be a reference point in organic agriculture in Venezuela and the world, without neglecting the social and human aspects of the communities around us.