Increase quality and production of cocoa crops in Venezuela

ESAICA provides agronomical assistance and technichal capacitation to its allied farmers as part of our corporate Mission of increasing the production and quality of fine & flavor Venezuelan cocoa.

Organic certification

We are committed to reach the Organic Certification for our cocoas, hence we encourage our farmers to adopt ecological agronomic practices with zero use of agrochemichals.


We follow strict protocols of natural fermentation and sun drying in order to maintain and increase the quality and uniformity of our cocoa beans. Also, depending of the varieties and quantity of the beans, we are able to adapt our processes to any customers´ demands, if there is any requirement on grades of fermentation or looking for an specific aroma or flavour.

Traceability and quality

All our beans are closely monitored from their origins at the farms, through the post-harvest process, storage, and delivery to our clients. This ensures a traceability record that allows us to keep the high quality of our product.